choosing high right variance slots

Choosing Right High Variance Slot

Choosing the right high variance slot machine is a very difficult task for any casino goer. This is because there are so many different slot machines out there that it would literally be impossible to try and find the best one by yourself. To get a short term insight on high variance slot machines, here is a list of high-voltage slot machines that you can choose from: Greyhound Slots, High Varying Profit Slot Machines, progressive slots and even video slots. It may not look like much, but with this kind of diversity, the slot players have a great deal of work to do to find the perfect high-voltage slot machine.

List of high variance slot machines:

Greyhound Slots

Greyhound Slots

One of the most popular choices for casino goers looking to increase their winning bankroll. The Greyhound Slots at the casinos are high-voltage slot machines that offer high payouts despite the fact that there are a limited number of chances to hit it big. The greyhound slot machine is the only slot machine that has this attribute. You can bet the same amount of money that you would on the Greyhound that pays out two red when you win. But because there are so few opportunities to hit it home, the jackpot is never as big as its Counterpart.

High Varying Profit Slot Machines

This is a type of high-voltage slot machine where the payouts do not depend too much on which arm hit the ball first. Some of these machines give out a small amount for each hit. However, there are also some that will double the amount of your winnings depending on how many people are left standing when the ball lands. The more people you have, the larger your payout will be. One tip that you can use in choosing the right high-voltage slot machine is to find one that gives out a high percentage of winnings on the first and second spins.

High-Voltage Slots

Casino high-voltage slot machines are typically found in smaller sized casinos. This is because they do not have the ability to handle too much power. They give out smaller jackpots because they rely on people staying in the casino long enough to make at least a couple of bankrolls. Choosing a high-voltage slot machine is easier if you plan on staying in the casino a minimum of three hours.

High-Voltage Bonus Slots

There are some high-voltage slot machine games that give out free spins after players have won a certain amount of money. However, the odds are still not great because there are not that many people playing. If you can, choose a game that gives out free bonuses and not just free wins. You will be able to come out with more money despite the small odds of winning big.

high-Voltage Slots

It is always advisable to choose a high-end slot machine over a cheaper one because the former offers better payouts. There is also a possibility for it to have more draws than the cheaper machine. Choosing a high-voltage slot machine however, does not come cheap. You have to shell out more than two hundred dollars for every game. Some high-end games also have better graphics and sounds.

If you want a high-quality slot machine that pays out more than fifty percent, you should stick to the slot games that pay out the most. The more payouts you get out of a machine, the more you can turn around. Choosing a high-voltage slot machine however, will cost you at least eight hundred dollars. Some high-end games even have prize fund amounts of one thousand dollars. There are some that offer ten-thousand dollar jackpots for the top prize.

You can also try winning in the smaller games before playing in the high Voltles. This way, you will have more chances of hitting it big in the high-voltage slot machines. There are also slot games that will help you in increasing your bankroll. Some of these include slots with bonus points, video poker, and other progressive slot games.